The Secret To A Better Swing

The path to becoming a better golfer is clear. Whatever your swing speed on the backswing happens to be, don’t change it. Just ensure that the backswing time stays the same for each swing, and the downswing takes 1/3 as long as the backswing. Permanently record a smooth sequence of motion using these rules in your muscle memory and you will play better golf.

How It Works

Calibrate Backswing

Ask a friend to hold the watch, press the start button when you start your backswing, and release it when the backswing completes

Start Your Swing

To use Buzz during practice, you simply press the start button when Buzz is in swing mode. Buzz then gives you a countdown to start your swing. 

Making Contact

On your downswing Buzz alerts you with a different continuous vibrations, which stop at the exact point that you should be making contact with the golf ball.